2 Bdrm Crookston

1362 No290 W
$700.00 bdrm

Very Clean 2 Bedroom Townhouse
$700.00 per month $700.00 Deposit.
24 Month Lease, Max Number Of Auto's 2, No Smoking or Vaping, No Pets, See additional policies Here


We Give Out Applications
When Showing The Place

It's Important To Understand That We Have Rules or Policies To Follow, If You Can Not Live By Those Rules or Policies It's Best To Find Another Place To Live. Policies Are Not Straitjackets But Guidelines To Protect The Property And The Lifestyle And Safety Of Current Residents. 

We Are Very Strict To Enforce Our Policies, Policies That Our Current Resident's Desire and Request From Those Who Move In.

Just "Some" Of Our Policies..
No Pets, No Smoking or Vaping.

Max Number Of Cars 2.

24 Month Lease.

No selling contracts during 24 months,
or buyouts.

No Summer or Semester housing.

We Don't Rent Rooms, we're not in
the hotel/motel business.

We Can't Hold The Place, It's Ready Now

Est. utilities:
Gas winter: $80-95, Summer $25
Water, trash, and Electric est.
$80-$100 pending how conservitive you are.

This should answer any and all questions
you may have, we value you as a
resident and hope to have a
meaningful relationship,
not only with us as a
management company, but with
our current resident's as well.

Our current resident's are attracted
to our policies. Please respect
them when considering
one of our rentals.

Text Us For Scheduled Showing 
Thompson Management

Applications will be given out at showings.

We Will Be Showing The Place At The Following Times schedules below. If time below is Blue font, that time has been scheduled with someone else. Please select the best time for you to view by texting that time to us

No Showings Scheduled

1-2-17 @ 3:00pm
1-2-17 @ 3:15pm
1-2-17 @ 3:30pm
1-2-17 @ 3:45pm

1-2-17 @ 4:00pm
1-2-17 @ 4:15pm

If these times do not fit your schedule,
please text us a window of time that will
meet your schedule.